· Application form (we will provide this form once we confirm an appointment for you)
· Passport and UK Visa
· Photos x 2 (new)
· University/College/School letter (Only for students')
· Benefits/Pension letter (Only if Applicant's on Benefits/Retired)
. Business Visa: Invitation Letter (Only Business Visa)
· Accountant letter (Only for Self-employed)
· Employer's Letter (Only if Employed)
· Payslips x3 (Only if Employed)
· 3 Month Bank Statements
· Travel insurance
· Proof of travel: To and Return Ticket (Please do not confirm flight tickets until we confirm an appointment for you)
· Proof of Accommodation: Hotel booking/Invitation

Additional Requirements for dependents:

a. Dependent Spouse/Child(ren) of a Work Permit holder:

A letter of support from the Spouse stating who is paying for the trip
Spouse’s original passport
Original marriage certificate/birth certificate(s)
Spouse's letter of employment and 3 months payslips
Spouse's most recent bank statement
This is required even if the applicant is employed and/or do not depend financially on the Spouse.

b. Minor students/School trips: If students below 18 years old are travelling and are studying than original letter from educational institution dated recently stating student status, name of your course and type of studies. Any scanned / fax copy for this letter is not allowed.

Original passport of Parents
Consent letter from both parents
If parents are divorced, than divorce papers along with parents’ consent letter
Students travelling above 18 years old – Along with letter from educational institution, bank statement, passport, application form, pictures will also be required.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: Spouse visa application, you must submit Original Marriage Certificate issued in English Language. If your marriage certificate is translated in English than the translation must be certified as a true copy by the Embassy/Consulate of the country where your marriage ceremony took place or by the legalization bureau of the Foreign Office in GB.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: If minor (under 18): Original Full Birth Certificate, stating both parents’ names and child’s name is required. If original birth certificate is not in English language then an official translation is required. This official translation must be certified as a true copy by your Embassy/Consulate or by the legalization bureau of the Foreign Office in GB. Parents’ valid passports or certified copies if the parents are residing abroad.

Payment: Our charges are £350 inclusive embassy fees.

Postage: Please post us your documents at our London Office and enclose a prepaid self-addressed special delivery envelope from post office to return your passport alternatively add £10.80 to the total visa fee and we shall post it back to you.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Avivavisas is not affiliated with any government organisation. We are a UK registered company providing assistance to members of the public in applying for a visa.

Our charges will not be implemented if you apply directly to the respective Consulates. For further information, please click on the embassy links on the relevant country’s page. You can also view the price charts here.

We provide professional and friendly one-to-one dedicated and systematic consultation to ascertain our clients meet the prerequisite of the embassy and to avoid being refused or undergo unnecessary delays. Our service includes booking the necessary appointments, and verifying and preparing documents. We can also be instructed to attend embassies, collect, post and deliver visas on behalf of our clients. Please note additional postage and packaging fees may apply if you want us to post. This service is made to save you time and unnecessary pressure.

Click here to view the details of Government Embassies.